Guidance of The first Flamenco Web Festival in June 2020 Flamenco2030

Guidance of The first Flamenco Web Festival in June 2020


In this challenging moment, we are organizing a festival we fully enjoy flamenco at home while feeling connected with aficionados. This is an event that the audience votes a movie of your solo flamenco performance (dancing, singing, guitar etc.). We start from what we can do now through feeling togetherness among aficionados. Let us spread flamenco’s energy around!

  • Greetings from the web flamenco festival leadership

Video by Hiroki Sato and Yuske Saegusa

  • Terms of flamenco video entry
  • Eligibility: Anyone who supports the festival objective and complies with movie posting rule
  • Maximum entry allowed: Upto the first 100 videos (As we wish the audience to go through all videos, we limit this capacity in the first session. First come first served basis.)
  • Contents: Given these social circumstances, we request your own flamenco solo performance (dancing, singing, playing guitar etc.) for the first session
  • Maximum length of the video: Upto 3 minutes (The total viewing time to watch all 100 videos of 3 minutes is about 5 hours in total)
  • Music source: Recorded CD, individual’s playing or no accompanying music
  • Recording: One fixed camera without special lighting to offer the fair condition to all participants
  • Publication: Videos that win prizes will continue to be published on the website after awarding
  • Application procedure
  • Application: Register through the application form on the website

We open application at 10am on May 7th and close when we receive 100 applications. We try reply if your application is within the first 100th, as soon as we can. [Please consult Ayako, as the current platform is in Japanese only, for assistance of registration and sending the video]

  • Application fee: Free
  • How to send the video: the festival office will send an applicant a URL of Google Drive for the applicant to send the video. The size shall be upto 300MB. The format will be MOV, MPEG4 or AVI. The festival office will save at YouTube and then the festival website.
  • Confirmation of video application: Please email the festival office to confirm your video application. The email should include your name, the title of the video, the name of the song and your message to the audience (upto 400 words). Due is June 12th (Friday). We will post the video in the order the office receives. [Please consult Ayako, as the current platform is in Japanese only, for assistance of registration and sending the video]
  • How to vote the video
  • Respective video will be published at the festival website on June 18th (Thursday) where the audience can access and view.
  • One audience is allowed to vote one time only. To avoid multiple voting by one individual, we will collect the voter’s email address when voting. (All email address information collected in voting will be destroyed after opening the result. For the fairness, kindly refrain from multiple time voting and organized voting).
  • Evaluation criteria: Please vote for two criterions – “general award” and “entertainment award”. You may vote by the video’s entry number.
    • General award: for excellence as flamenco performance. One can vote upto 5 videos maximum
    • Entertainment award: for something that you think fun/unique (e.g. “Absolutely hilarious!”, “Cute as one dances in frilly dress”, “Extraordinary passionate” etc). You can vote only one video.
  • Awards
  • Awarding: Videos that earn the higher number of the audience’s voting will be awarded. No judging committee from the organizer participates.
  • Type of award: Four categories apply
    • The first (the most voted one), the second (the next three videos) and the third (the following five videos)
    • Entertainment award for one that earns the most voting in an entertainment category

We will award based on the result of the audience’s voting and deliver a certificate of excellence and a picture frame to the first prizewinner for the first session. We will publish and feature extensively on the award result on this Flamenco2030 website and monthly Flamenco magazine, Paseo. In addition, sponsor companies will present their own named prize and send them to winners later. Given the situation, the modest prize would be presented.

  • Publication of the result: on Flamenco2030 website and Paseo magazine after July 4th (Saturday).
  • Message from the organiser’s office
  • This first flamenco web festival is a fun event to empower the flamenco community and run by all volunteer resources. Therefore our focus for the first round is (1) to manage fast and compact, (2) easy to participate, (3) easy to view and (4) lean administration. This is the organiser’s first effort. Therefore it may cause some inconvenience to participants. We will  improve in the next round!
  • By applying your video, we understand you have accepted that part of your video/image/message and voter’s comment may be published on Flamenco2030 website and Paseo magazine.
  • We continue to organize this festival if we learn this event benefits flamenco community and its growth effectively.
  • We will publish financial report (e.g. sponsor companies’ prize and sponsor donation) later.


The committee of the first flamenco web festival (execution: President Hiroki Sato and Yuske Saegusa, administration: Paseo editorial team)


Aoyama Toro, Acustica, SIE Co., Tablao Casa de Esperanza, Enrique Sakai, Izumi Owada, Casa Artista, Sonia Johnes, Naja House, Paseo Flamenco, Primera Guitar Co., Maki’s Costumes, La Barrica

– Contact of the secretariat: